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The Battle for Your Children

The ‘why’ we wrote Coaching by Dad is simple: We believe dads need to be more intentional in shaping their children’s character and spiritual development. There is a war raging against children and parents in culture today. It's time to fight back! Coaching by Dad details the way I was engaged with Gabe in a discipling process from the early years to his young adult years—0 to 26. The genesis of Coaching by Dad was the many letters I wrote to Gabe during these formative years. These letters and follow up discussions were my way of speaking into Gabe’s life, giving guidance and constant affirmation. I’m so glad that Gabe kept the letters; he is the one who first envisioned the letters being part of a book.

Gabe is now 37 years old. So, you can see that Coaching by Dad has been a long time coming. About three years ago, Gabe and I embarked on the arduous task of turning our amazing adventure as Father and Son into a book. The title, Coaching by Dad seemed to be the perfect title, too! Those three words capture what I did with Gabe and what the book is all about. I was driven with the desire to be as good a dad as possible to Gabe. I loved him. I wanted him to always know that. But even more, I wanted Gabe to grow up with the knowledge of how much God loved him. I also wanted Gabe to grow up with a deep love for God. Turning our story into a book has been a sweet labor of love. Not only will Coaching by Dad be a part of our legacy as Father and Son, but our hope is that dads everywhere will be inspired as they catch the vision of investing time and their heart in their children by writing them letters and then spending time together talking. As Gabe got older, he began writing to me as well. A written letter is a beautiful window into one’s heart. It reflects one’s truest self and deepest thoughts, feelings, and desires. I call it heart-to-heart. John Eldredge has written: “Dads, how you handle your children’s hearts will shape them for the rest of their lives.”

Coaching by Dad is about shaping your children’s lives for their good and God’s glory.

What a joy it has been to relive these wonderful years with Gabe as I reread our letters to each other over the past few years while writing this book with him. I am so grateful.

So, friend, we hope you will be as blessed by reading our book as we have been in first

experiencing it and now sharing it with you. Thank you for reading!


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